Technology in Swimming Pool Design

February 27, 2020 Written by: Nick Luisi

The popularity of swimming pools hasn’t slowed down since they got their start back in the 1800s, and with great popularity comes great responsibility to evolve with the times. As we progress throughout the years and more resources become available, the more we see the changes in swimming pool design.

The pool industry continues to improve with the help of advanced technology that can make the lives of both designers and owners easier than ever. With a few technological improvements to the swimming pool industry, the lives of both designers and owners become easier than ever. 

Advancing How You See Designs

Gone are the days of drafting up vague and boring blueprints that just don’t do the design justice. Now technology can bring swimming pool design ideas to life in more ways than one.

Swimming Pool Design Software

Computer engineering software allows for colorful and detailed 3-D design that puts your ideas onto the screen to show customers exactly how the pool will look in their space. The plans can be shown through still images or made into a  video to showcase the finer details.

When ideas can come to life, less problems occur from a lack of understanding of the design components.

Virtual Reality Technology

If 3-D mockups aren’t enough to make your designs come to life, then try taking it a step further with virtual reality technology. You heard that right, virtual reality isn’t just for games anymore.

The same way gamers can transport themselves into the gaming world, you can transport clients to a world where their pool already exists with only a few virtual reality headsets, and 360° images. This is the most accurate way ensuring the customer comprehends the design proposed, and how it will work into the space.

Changing How We Make Space

In today’s society, design is all about utilizing space as efficiently as possible, which isn’t always an easy task when it comes to designing pools.

Everything about pools take up a lot of room, from the pool itself, to the deck around it, and especially the accessories needed to maintain the pool. Thanks to movable technology there are now several options for decreasing wasted space and increasing functionality.

Adjustable Pool Floors

Modularity has made its way from the home all the way to the pool deck with designs that include a movable floor system. With movable technology pools can transition from an Olympic size diving pool, to a shallow dipping pool with depths that fit any swimming needs. 

Best of all, once the swimming season is over the floor can move up all the way to surface level and provide a whole new opportunity for space utilization for clients to enjoy.

Hidden Pool Covers

Not everyone needs their pool to disappear in the off season but some would love an easier way to cover up. Traditional pool covers can be a pain for clients to store and time consuming to take on and off.

Get away from traditional pool cover designs and offer automatic design options, such as a hidden pool cover. With two parallel tracks on the inside edge of the pool or on the pool deck, the interlocking gears gather up the cover and tuck it in a small compartment on one side of the pool. This function allows for more room to get creative with the pool design even in the off season.

By including innovative technology in the swimming pool design plans, it can ease the stress of designing a pool and lead to happier customers. To learn more about the innovative technology we use at Sunset Pools and Spas Commercial contact us today!

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