Chicago Commercial Pool Renovation


Over time, tiles may lose their color, the cement in the patio may crack, or the pool itself may just start to look outdated and worn.​ From repairing minor damages to modernizing an entire swimming facility, we are here to help as the best Chicago commercial pool renovation experts. 

Renovation & Remodeling Services

Tile & Coping Replacement

When it comes the harsh Chicagoland weather conditions, swimming pool tile and coping will wear, chip or discolor over time. When this begins to happen, tile & coping replacement is highly recommended in order to restore the look of your commercial swimming pool. Due to our high quality products and materials used, you can expect you tile & coping replacement to last when looking for a Chicago commercial pool renovation professional. 


As such is with roof & driveway wear and tear over time, the same happens with the surface of your pool. Resurfacing works wonders by bringing back the youth of your commercial swimming pool, especially evident if there are visible stains, rough textures or leaks. Learn more about our plaster, PVC membranes & painting resurfacing services for your Chicago commercial pool renovation. 

Deck Replacement 

The areas that surrounds your commercial swimming pool is just as important as the pool itself as this does have an impact to make lasting impressions. There is no need to hire a separate contractor as Sunset Pools & Spas offers many options if you’re pool deck is in need of a sprucing! 


With a typical commercial pool lifespan lasting up to 50 years, it may make sense in terms of investment to remove your current pool and build a new one! Behind the scenes, there may be multiple repairs that may be just as much as building a new swimming pool. As Chicago’s Commercial pool renovation experts, this is something that our team is highly qualified to do. 

Don’t delay on giving your commercial swimming pool what it deserves. Thanks to Sunset Pools & Spas, your Chicago commercial pool renovations are just a quick phone call away.

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