After construction, can Sunset Pools & Spas provide maintenance services?
Yes, we take care of every facet of pool upkeep. Our maintenance services include everything from checking and balancing the water chemistry to inspecting the pool equipment.
What is the timeline of pool construction?
While each project is different, and depending on the material (vinyl, concrete, stainless steel, etc.), the commercial pool construction process takes anywhere between 6-12 weeks. However, it may take longer if the project is more involved.
How much does a commercial pool cost?

Total cost will depend on a lot of factors: building codes, square footage, pool style and features, etc. For more detailed cost insights on your commercial pool we recommend you talk with one of our experts. Tell us a bit about your property through this quick form and one of our team members will reach out to you with more information.

Can Sunset Pools & Spas design a custom commercial pool for my business?
Yes, our goal is to bring your pool design vision to life using state-of-the-art 3D engineering software. Sunset Pools & Spas develops the entire Chicago commercial pool construction project, including the initial designs and construction plans. We also acquire the appropriate permits for your project and manage all required inspections.
What are the necessary permits and documents needed to install a commercial pool?
We have to submit plans to IDPH (Illinois Department of Public Health). They govern all commercial pools in the state of Illinois. The process is not fast, plan at least 4 to 6 months just for the permit process with the state. After the state approves it, most municipalities approve as is. Some cities, like Chicago, do have their own review process. There are several documents to submit to local municipalities and approvals businesses need in order to begin construction on a commercial pool. However, we take care of acquiring all the appropriate permits and manage the inspections to ensure your project progresses smoothly. The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act prioritizes the protection and safety of swimmers in commercial pools and requires commercial pools and spas to maintain specific types of drain covers and other features. We build all of our pools to be VGB and ADA compliant.
What is the upkeep required to maintain a commercial pool?
Regular pool maintenance is all about ensuring the safety of your pool’s guests. Between maintaining ideal chlorine levels to performing safety checks, it’s best to leave this up to the professionals. We can customize a maintenance schedule for your business or commercial property to fit your needs.
My commercial property already has a pool, but is in need of repair from weathering the Chicago winters. Can Sunset Pools & Spas still help?
Yes, we offer renovation and remodeling services in addition to our design and construction services. As Chicago’s commercial pool renovation experts, we have all the capabilities to restore the look of your pool. We can make minor updates, like replacing the tile and coping, or take on larger projects like deck replacement and pool rebuilds.
What’s the average lifespan of a commercial pool?
The typical lifespan of a commercial pool is up to 50 years.. However, the longevity of an inground pool truly depends on the type of pool. For example, a pool made from fiberglass will last longer than a pool made from vinyl or even concrete.
How often should I replace my pool deck?
For a lot of businesses, the appearance of their pool deck is just as important as the commercial pool itself. Over time, you may begin to notice cracks forming in the cement or that the stones and the tiles are losing their color. Combine that with exposure to the weather, your pool deck will show signs of deterioration . Luckily we offer deck replacement services that will ensure your pool deck is always looking it’s finest.
How do I know when it’s better to repair or replace my commercial pool?
In assessing the condition of your current pool, it’s best to have a professional evaluate any structural damage, the functionality of the plumbing and how many repairs are needed. It's also important to factor in the age of the pool with the assessment. Often, if both the repair costs and the age of the pool are high, it may be more cost effective to replace rather than repair. The decision to rebuild depends on your budget and the amount of work required.
What equipment do I need to maintain my commercial pool?
To keep your commercial pool running efficiently, you’ll need equipment built for large scale pools. Sunset Pools & Spas offers the highest quality pumps, motors, plumbing, heaters and filters.
What do I do if my commercial pool starts leaking?
Clients of Sunset Pools & Spas have access to a 24/7 repair hotline where they can speak directly to a member of our team about any questions or concerns. We locate the leak within the plumbing by conducting a pressure test and follow with a thorough inspection of the interior.
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