Chicago Commercial Pool Plaster Resurfacing

Plaster Resurfacing

Chicago commercial pool plaster resurfacing is much more involved than replacing tile or concrete, and particular steps must be taken to ensure the job lasts and is completed to the highest of standards. All of our plaster resurfacing is fulfilled by our in-house remodeling professionals, whose quality work is backed up by our 10-year installation and material warranties.

Our Plaster Resurfacing Process

Choosing the Right Plaster for Your Pool

While some commercial pool owners prefer a plain white plaster, others may want something a bit more intricate, which our team can more than accommodate! Sunset Pools & Spas offers the following quartz, polished marble, pebble & glass beads as additional plaster options for commercial business & facility pools looking to make a statement.

Plaster Preparation 

Before the pool can be plastered, the pool must be completely drained and all pool equipment must be turned off. We will begin by chipping away any old plaster. Old swimming pool paint must also be stripped from the surface and a bond coat must be applied. It is very important that is done to ensure long lasting results of plaster. Most swimming pools generally take three to four days to prepare and plaster, however, the timeframe will depend as pool size as this can vary from business to business.  

Plastering Installation

Once your commercial business or facility has been properly and professionally prepared for swimming pool plaster installation by the Sunset Pools & Spas team, our trained team will arrive at the site to get to work and begin the application process! 

Plaster Curing  

Once the plaster is set, there are still several important steps to fulfill in order to ensure long lasting results your Chicago commercial pool plaster resurfacing project. The swimming pool must first be filled with clean water that has low levels of both metals and minerals. Our team will then brush the plaster several times each week for up to four weeks. Additionally, we will also test the swimming pool water chemistry several times a week for up to four weeks. 

Contact Sunset Pools & Spas today for you Chicago commercial pool plaster resurfacing! Click here to learn more about the different resurfacing services we offer! 

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