Chicago Hotel Pool Builders


It comes to no surprise that having a swimming pool in your hotel facility sets a standard and increases the appeal of your business in addition improving the overall customer experience. Sunset Pools & Spas has designed some of the most awe-inspiring hotel pools in Chicagoland. Our Chicago hotel pool builders are here to help keep your customers coming back for more! 

Focus on Your Customers, We’ll Take Care of the Pool 

Construction & Design

Looking to increase the profitability of your hotel business and add a swimming pool to the mix? Look no further! Designing and constructing a hotel swimming pool has never been so easier with our team of trained Chicago hotel pool builders. We’re standing by to walk you through the entire process from start to finish. Learn more about the types of pools that we offer along with our design and construction process today! 


Not are our Chicago hotel pool builders here to help you design and build a brand new swimming pool for your hotel business, but we’re able to help restore and bring an aging pool back to life! In the hotel and hospitality business, appearance matters. We can do it all from plaster resurfacing to tile and coping replacement. Check out our wide array of renovation services to learn how we can help improve your hotel swimming pool!


With so many guests in and out of your hotel swimming pool each day, regular swimming pool maintenance has never been so crucial to ensure a long life cycle. To better We’re equipped with the tools to ensure that your swimming pool has the proper maintenance needed. 

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