Why Hotels are Building Lazy Rivers

March 23, 2020 Written by: Nick Luisi

There is a new addition to the classic hotel pool: the lazy river. 

While the lazy river pool has been around for quite some time, there has been increasing demand for these waterpark features to be integrated into hotel pool areas over the past few years.

The lazy river pool is a modern day take on what nature itself created. Back in the day, river tubing was considered an American pastime. And it seems as though it’s only gained in popularity.

Hotel owners and operators have listened to their visitors and are investing in lazy rivers to draw attention to revenue  producing amenities and improve overall guest satisfaction (thanks to the entertainment factor and numerous health benefits). 

Lazy river pools are incredibly customizable, tailored to fit your hotel’s unique property.

Considering adding a lazy river into your hotel? Let’s explore some of the many benefits.

Health and Stress Management

Guests often select a hotel based on its comfort in anticipation of the common stressors from traveling, whether for business or pleasure. They are looking for outlets. Hotel and guest amenities like a lazy river pool can offer that. Sure, there are spas, jacuzzi’s, and standard swimming pools. However, there is something about the feeling of floating down stream that is both calming and alluring to most of us.

Researchers have been studying the calming effects of water for a long time. Specifically, it has been shown that floating in pools of calm water can shift your brainwaves from active to theta. These theta brainwaves are only produced when in a state of relaxation. When you mentally disengage from instinctual tasks such as driving or running,  it can result in a free flow of new ideas. And these slower, more tranquil waves are often responsible for inspiring creativity in people.

A serene float down a hotel lazy river pool might just be the cure your guests are looking for to eliminate their travel blues. The purpose of these floating pools and rivers is to allow people to purposefully lose sight of where the river ends and their body starts. This is accomplished via “skin-temperature water and tons of buoyancy.”

Fun for the Whole Family

There’s nothing a child enjoys more than that first jump into the hotel swimming pool on vacation. Now, imagine that pool has a lazy river attached. That might be enough to convince even grandma and grandpa to take a dip. Hotels with lazy rivers are a great attention-getter for potential tourists of all ages. If you have a lazy river listed as an amenity on your website, that can definitely be a deciding factor to selecting your hotel over the competition. Specifically for those families that want activities for everyone. 

With more lodging options being available today than ever before, it is important for hotels to stay ahead of the curve if they want to succeed. A lazy river pool is the perfect way to do that. Not many other lodging services offer it and for a family with small children, it is a definite win.


There’s a high probability that your hotel property already has a pool installed. If that’s the case, that means you’re most likely limited on square footage. The beautiful thing about lazy rivers is that they are highly customizable to meet your space requirements. Their thin, winding shape makes lazy rivers well-fitting for all property sizes. 

There are many different shapes that can be designed by a professional pool construction company. Not only that, the accents you add with personalized accessories and design features help complete the look and make the lazy river unique to your hotel. Whether that’s a bridge, a waterfall, or specialized logo inner tubes, you’ll give your guests an experience they won’t forget and one they’ll have to tell their friends and colleagues about after their visit.

Get Yours TODAY!

So, for anyone looking to spice up their hotel property, there is no better way than with a lazy river. They’re relaxing, fun, and very customizable. Contact Sunset Pools to get started on a custom design for your hotel property today! 

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