Chicago Commercial Pool Rebuild


The typical lifespan of a pool is up to 50 years, which makes a Chicago commercial pool rebuild a great investment. Once your pool reaches this age and is in need of major repairs due to normal wear and tear, you may find yourself in a difficult position. Fear not, a Chicago commercial pool rebuild may be a great solution for your business!

To Rebuild or Not to Rebuild

Assess Current Pool Condition

Assessing your current swimming pool condition is recommended in order to determine whether or not a Chicago commercial pool rebuild is the right choice for your business. Are there major repairs needed that are beginning to cost the same amount as a pool build? Is there structural damage? What is the condition of the plumbing? These are examples of questions that you should begin asking yourself when considering the idea of rebuilding your commercial swimming pool. A full maintenance check performed by a professional is highly recommended to accurately determine the current state of your pool. Sunset Pools is here to help!

Remove and Rebuild

A complete swimming pool removal and rebuild is a reasonable decision, especially if you’re looking at some serious major repairs. It provides your business with the freedom and flexibility to choose exactly what you want for your business or facility. While a Chicago commercial pool rebuild may have a higher price tag attached, you can rest assured that you will not have to worry about any hidden major repairs for years to come. Learn more about our construction and design process to customize your new swimming pool! 

Rebuild Inside Current Pool

Building a pool inside your current structure is a great choice if a lower price tag is top of mind, but the feeling of a new pool is the desired end result. Rather than going through a brand new swimming pool removal and installation, our design and construction team will work one on one with you to achieve what you’re looking for within a more reasonable budget. 

Creative pool design coupled with a state of the art experience in the industry will put you at ease when choosing Sunset Pools & Spas for your Chicago commercial pool rebuild company. Our company will walk you through the entire process from starting with removing your current pool to designing a new pool that fits your specific budget and needs. Contact us today or learn more about our renovation services!​

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