Chicago Commercial Swimming Pools


There are many components when deciding to build Chicago commercial swimming pools. Our team is dedicated by combining our innovative design and strategy towards creating your next commercial swimming pool in the Chicagoland area.

Pools That Make a Difference

Whether you’re building a brand new commercial swimming pool or renovating an existing commercial swimming pool, Sunset Pools & Spas has you covered. We create concrete swimming pools, stainless steel swimming pools & elevated swimming pools and are confident that one of these options will fit your company needs. 

Concrete Pools

Concrete swimming pools are a very popular option and would be an excellent choice when choosing your next swimming pool for your commercial business or facility in the Chicagoland area. In terms of Chicago commercial swimming pools, they are top of the line offering high quality durability, versatility and temperature flexibility. Learn more about why you should purchase a concrete swimming pool today! 

Stainless Steel Pools

Are you looking for something that is still long lasting, but also light and flexible in terms of your commercial business space? Look no further, stainless steel swimming pools are a great option with a long lifespan as well as flexibility and easy ongoing maintenance! Find out if a stainless steel pool is right choice for you! 

Elevated Pools 

Want something a little bit different that sets you apart from other commercial businesses and facilities in the Chicagoland area? Learn more about elevated pools for your commercial business in the Chicagoland area! From clever use of space to luxury to allowing your customers to experience their environment, an elevated pool truly has it all. 

Visit our extensive galleries for inspiration towards custom designing & constructing your new Chicago commercial swimming pools or contact Sunset Pools & Spas directly to schedule a design consultation today! 

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