Chicago Commercial Pool Liner Service

PVC Membranes

When deciding on your Chicago Commercial Pool Liner Service during the renovation and resurfacing process, our 60 MIL commercial swimming pool membrane liner provides two times the strength compared to your traditional liner. It’s a solid option when protecting your investment! In terms of safety and cost, there is no better option. 

PVC Membrane Pool Liner Benefits


With Sunset Pools & Spas, our Chicago commercial swimming pool liner service is effective primarily due to how durable it is. It is 7 times stronger in tensile strength when comparing to your traditional liners currently available on the market. This will guarantee that your swimming pool is protected and pleasing at the same time! What more could you need? 

No Business Interruption

A Chicago commercial swimming pool liner installation allows your commercial business customers to swim immediately after the process is complete. This is possible due to the fact that our process does not require any heavy machinery. Additionally, our PVC membrane pool liners are easy to install in both warm and cool temperatures, so seasonal Chicago changes are not a concern during installation. You can’t go wrong with a Sunset Pools & Spas Chicago commercial swimming pool liner service! 

Easy Maintenance

With a smooth to the touch surface comes easy maintenance along with a comfortable swimming pool for your commercial business or facility customers. With being so easy to clean and maintain, this means that less chemicals will be ultimately used saving you time and money down the road. Included in our Chicago commercial swimming pool liner service is training on proper ongoing maintenance.

Our swimming pool liners are custom fitted to any commercial swimming pool and we are happy to work with you one on one to work to better protect your investment. Contact Sunset Pools & Spas today!

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