Chicago Commercial Pool Construction


Quality work is hard to come by when it comes to Chicago commercial pool construction. Our all-hands-on-deck approach makes the construction process completely painless for our clients.

Our Process Is Strategic

Project Design

No need to hire a separate architect or engineer to design your swimming pool. Sunset Pools & Spas develops the entire Chicago commercial pool construction project, including the initial designs and construction plans. Learn more about designing your custom swimming pool.

Construction Team

All of our staff are in-house employees, so you can be sure that each and every crew member is trained and committed to the project. All of our crews are overseen by ownership to provide additional support and guidance when needed throughout the project process. 

Ongoing Communication

No matter where we are in the process, we provide regular updates to all of our construction site property owners. It’s your property, and therefore, it’s important for us to be transparent and upfront, so you know what to expect throughout the entire construction process.

Permits & Inspections

At Sunset Pools & Spas, not only do we acquire the appropriate permits for your Chicago commercial pool construction project, but we also manage all required inspections to keep your project moving along throughout the process. 

While each project is different, the commercial pool construction process in Chicago generally takes 6-12 weeks. However, it may take longer if the project is more involved. Contact us today to learn more!

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