Chicago Elevated Pools

Elevated Pools

Whether you’re looking for a commercial pool in a high rise building or above a parking garage, we have you covered. Our highly experienced team is able to design and construct your Chicago elevated pools to fit the space your commercial site has available.

Why You Should Choose an Elevated Pool?

Clever Use of Space

Chicago elevated pool construction is a great option when there is a need to make great use of the space available. This means that an elevated pools is an ideal option especially when there is limited space within your business location. As a proven elevated, rooftop and hotel swimming pool builder Our team of experts will work with you one on one to determine how to best use that space in as clever of a way as possible. 


One of the main reasons many commercial businesses lean towards an elevated swimming pool is for the sheer luxury it provides. An elevated pool allows you to enjoy the water and your rooftop view all at the same time. 


With an elevated pool, users of the pool are able to experience their environment compared to a conventional pool. This is one of the most unique benefits and allows your commercial business to stand out compared to the rest.

Contact Sunset Pools and Spas today or check out our full list of swimming pool options that we can design and build for you today! 

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