Chicago Commercial Pool Tile Replacement

Tile and Coping Replacement

Chicago commercial pool tile replacement is inevitable. Long-term sun exposure can cause tiles to fade, and pool water chemicals can eventually alter the quality of both tiles and grout. This slow building damage can change a pool’s entire look as its tiles begin to lose color and crack. However, a tile replacement service by Sunset Pools & Spas can serve as an easy and lasting remodeling solution.

Tile & Coping Replacement Benefits

Upgrade Your Tile Quality

Sunset Pools & Spas utilizes high quality tiles that are a good match for any Chicago swimming facility. They are specifically made for swimming pools and can withstand the effects of Chicago’s harsh weather conditions. Additionally, all of our ceramic and porcelain tiles come with a five-year warranty. This will guarantee long lasting results with a Chicago commercial pool tile replacement. 

Upgrade Your Look

The look of a commercial pool can be just as important as the quality, especially for fitness centers, hotels or condominium developments trying to achieve a particular image. For pools that are outdated or in need of a more contemporary look, tile replacement is the way to go. We offer a variety of tiles for clients to choose from – an easy way to update any pool!

Quick Turnaround

The hardest part about replacing tile with Sunset Pools & Spas is selecting the pattern we will ultimately install. Once we are scheduled to replace the tile, our process is quick and simple – it should only take about three to five days. Since tile only covers particular areas of the pool – primarily the top six inches and the edges of steps and benches – the work is less involved than a full resurfacing job making Chicago commercial pool tile replacement an easy solution. 

Contact Sunset Pools & Spas today to get started on your Chicago commercial pool tile & coping replacement or check out our full list of renovation services!

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