Chicago Commercial Swimming Pool Services

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Sunset Pools & Spas provides Chicago commercial pool services to provide your business with the competitive edge that your business needs. We’re to ensure your swimming pool is meant to last! 

Personalized Swimming Pool Services  

Spring Start-ups/Winterizations

Winterizing or opening your commercial swimming pool can vary depending on the type of swimming pool you have. It is important to prepare your swimming pool for seasonal changes especially in areas like Chicago. Learn more about how Sunset Pools & Spas can ensure the protection your swimming pool needs!


It is critical to ensure that your swimming pool has the required ongoing maintenance that it needs in order to guarantee long lasting results of your investment. Sunset Pools & Spas provides a full maintenance staff and customized schedules to be sure business interruption does not occur. Learn more today about our maintenance Chicago commercial swimming pool services! 

Equipment Repair 

We understand that it can be frustrating and inconvenient when swimming pool equipment needs repairing. Sunset Pools & Spas offers a 24-hour repair hotline to provide your business with the reliability it needs. 

Leak Detection 

Leaks typically spring up when you least expect them. We understand that it is important for your business to keep your swimming pool fully operational. We utilize state of the art equipment to pinpoint the problem areas to quickly determine the leak location. Learn more about our process! 

Winter Covers 

No matter the shape or size of your commercial swimming pool, Sunset Pools & Spas has you covered. Debris and weather conditions can be extremely damaging to the infrastructure of your pool and it is important that you take the simple step to protect your pool investment. 

VGB/ADA Compliance 

Our highly trained team at Sunset Pools & Spas will put your mind at ease when it comes down to swimming pool compliance. We build all of our pools to be VGB and ADA compliant. Our team is also fully capable of upgrading your current equipment to be fully compliant with the required safety standards. 


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