Chicago Commercial Pool Resurfacing


Has your commercial swimming pool lost its luster? It’s entirely normal for a pool to wear over time, but Chicago commercial pool resurfacing is a great resolution with the ability to bring your pool back to life. 

Pool Resurfacing Services

Plaster Resurfacing

Plaster is the most common when it comes to resurfacing a commercial swimming pool due to its durable nature. This also makes this type of resurfacing renovation a much more involved project. Our experts are here to make the process as easy as possible from deciding on a type of plater to use to follow up maintenance to ensure long lasting results. Click here to lean more about our plaster resurfacing process!

PVC Membranes

Our PVC membrane swimming pool liners have the ability to dramatically improve the appearance of any swimming pool in need of a beauty makeover. Easy ongoing maintenance, watertight durability and a smooth to the touch surface is what makes our swimming pool liners such an attractive Chicago commercial pool resurfacing option. Learn more about what our swimming pool liners can offer your commercial business or facility! 


While not as resilient as some of our other Chicago commercial pool resurfacing services, painting is one of your most budget friendly options and has the ability to absolutely improve the appearance of your commercial swimming pool. Whether we like to admit it or not, appearance matters when it comes to a commercial business swimming pool. Depending on your swimming pools needs and previous resurfacing, we provide different types of paint to best suit your swimming pool needs. Learn more!

Still not sure where to start? Never fear! Contact the Sunset Pools & Spas team and we’re happy to review your current pool and provide the best recommendation for your Chicago commercial pool resurfacing project!

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