Pool Leaks Require Immediate Attention

July 19, 2018 Written by: Nick Luisi

The water level in your commercial pool may drop by an inch or more before you realize that something is wrong. Pool leaks start small and create big problems for commercial pool owners and managers. Many Chicago area commercial pools are located indoors where evaporation is limited compared to outdoor pools. While outdoor pools may lose one-eighth of an inch of water each day, indoor pools should remain relatively unchanged. In order to gauge your water levels, observe your indoor pool early in the morning when it is still and not in use.  If you are constantly refilling your pool, you could have a problem.

While homeowners who suspect a pool leak can perform the bucket test (effectively shutting down their pools for 24 hours), commercial pool owners and managers don’t have that luxury. Hotel guests and health club members do not appreciate a closed pool.

If you suspect a leak, call us at Sunset Pools & Spas Commercial immediately, so we can find and repair your commercial pool leaks immediately.

Testing for Pool Leaks

In order to detect leaks, we pressure test and vessel test your commercial pool.

We begin by pressure testing the main line, skimmer intake line and bottom drain, vacuum and return lines along with other plumbing. We will find any leaks in the underground or under pool plumbing system. A crack or lose fitting in a pipe can cause a leak that can lead to corrosion and other problems beneath the pool. This is extremely important for pools located on the upper floors of a hotel, condominium building or apartment community. A plumbing leak can drip through the floor and damage the ceiling in the room below. Excess moisture can lead to the buildup of mold on floors and walls around the pipes.

We check the interior pool surface and all fixtures. A loose railing, skimmer basket, valve or light fixture can cause a leak. We also use dye to locate structural cracks in the pool’s walls beneath the water. We carefully check for cracks in tile work or decorative stonework in the pool.

The pump assembly, heater system, filters and other parts of the motor system are also carefully inspected. Water on the floor of the pump room is an indication of a leak in the motor system.

We make every effort to repair the leak without draining and closing the pool for an extended time. It may be necessary to access plumbing lines through the pool deck. Special equipment is used to locate pool leaks and remove only a small part of the deck whenever possible.

Contact us at Sunset Pools and Spas Commercial for more information on pool repairs to keep your hotel, health club or residential community pool operating at peak performance.

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