Is It Time to Paint or Refinish Your Commercial Pool?

December 17, 2018 Written by: Nick Luisi

For real estate owners, decision-makers, and property managers in commercial real estate, maintaining and upkeeping a commercial pool is a daunting task. This high-traffic and high-use amenity requires constant attention to keep the property’s appeal (and value) up. But sometimes pool maintenance isn’t cut and dry. For example, how do you decide whether to paint or completely refinish your commercial pool?

Determining whether to paint or refinish your commercial pool depends on its age and upkeep. Firstly, does the pool need a simple facelift or is it severely damaged? The degree of damage in a concrete pool may require more work than a simple paint job. Painting your pool may seem like a cost-effective option, but it could cost you more money down the line. Has your pool already undergone extensive repairs? If so, painting is an easy way to pep up a well-maintained pool. 

Refinishing vs. Painting

 Yes, painting is fast, easy, and relatively cheap but it’s just a surface job. How well has your pool been maintained over the years? Does it have chlorine damage? Is it an outdoor pool, exposed to the elements? Essentially, painting should be left to the most pristine pools while a fresh plaster finish should be utilized to repair and elevate an old or decrepit pool. Refinishing or resurfacing your pool is often the best option to maintain the longevity of your pool.

Does Pool Paint Last?

There are a variety of pool paints available, each with a different life expectation; how long paint lasts can depend on how well the pool is maintained.  On average, epoxy will last the longest, 6-7 years. If professionals apply the paint, more than likely it will last even longer. They will also determine if your pool needs sandblasting so that the new paint has something to adhere to. If sandblasting is necessary, you’ll see a much higher bill. Also, if the pool already has several layers of paint, the new paint won’t bond as well.

Talk to the Pros at Sunset Pools

Why not let the professionals at Sunset Pools & Spas Commercial take all the stress and guesswork out of your next pool renovation and help you decide whether to paint or refinish your pool? We service approximately 40 miles near and around the Chicago area. Contact us now for a free on-premise estimate.

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