Concrete vs. Stainless Steel Commercial Pools: Which is Best?

November 15, 2018 Written by: Nick Luisi

Installing a pool on your commercial property is a big deal. And though it’s doubtless going to add value to your gym, hotel, or fitness center, it will definitely require careful deliberation. After you’ve decided where you’d like your pool to be, it’s time to make the decision on materials: concrete or steel? Every situation is unique, so let’s break down concrete pools vs. stainless steel commercial pools.

Concrete Pools

Using concrete for pools goes back to at least the turn of the twentieth century, so it’s certainly a tried-and-true material that’s stood the test of time. Concrete swimming pools are design-flexible, so they can suit every need and desire in terms of size and shape. And it’s not just the size and shape that’s flexible: you can also change the depth to your liking with a concrete pool.

Concrete is also an extremely durable material. So if you’re living in a place that has extremes of weather—like Chicago—concrete is going to be an excellent option. These sturdy concrete pools are well-suited to ground floor and outdoor installation because the material is quite heavy.

Stainless Steel Pools

Relatively new on the pool scene when compared with concrete pools, stainless steel pools offer their own range of unique benefits. Firstly, they are three times lighter than concrete pools. This means that if you’re considering building your pool on a rooftop or on the upper floors of your building, this will be a more suitable option. Like concrete pools, stainless steel is very flexible and durable.

One additional perk? The non-porous structure of the steel means that your pool walls aren’t going to be breeding any unwanted bacteria. The smooth, slick surface of steel makes for a very easy cleaning experience – and it also won’t absorb chemicals. 


Which Should You Choose?

It’s key to consider all the different elements of your design when you’re planning your pool installation. Are you planning it for a rooftop? Maybe a stainless steel pool will be your best bet. Looking for a classic look and extreme hardiness? Perhaps check out a concrete pool.

When it comes down to it, you’ll need to confer with an expert who will help you make the best of your budget, design, and specific needs for your pool installation. Whether you’re looking to invest in a concrete pool or a stainless steel commercial pool, we’re here to help you understand your options. To learn more about commercial pools, reach out to the professionals at Sunset Pools & Spa Commercial.

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