Commercial Pool Cleaning Supplies for a Brand New Glisten

January 16, 2020 Written by: Nick Luisi

Is your commercial swimming pool in need of some maintenance? Getting rid of grime, algae and debris comes down to selecting and using the right pool cleaning supplies for the job. A pool can either be the attraction or aversion at your hotel, gym, residential complex, or recreation center. But it can be a hassle to keep up with the continuous maintenance that a commercial swimming pool demands. So the right supplies to maintain and clean your pool area is important for your success.

Don’t just buy the most expensive product. Don’t just buy the easiest to use product. Read this guide to commercial pool cleaning supplies to help you decide what the best option is for your particular pool needs. 

Consider these Before Selecting Cleaning Supplies: 

If there was one all inclusive solution to care for all types of pools, there wouldn’t be so many options to choose from. Knowing what cleaning supplies works specifically for your type of pool is essential to achieve that squeaky clean look. Considering your pool’s location, shape, surface material, and frequency of use should inform your pool cleaning supplies selection. 

  • Location: Depending on the location of your pool, outside and inside pools will struggle with different problems and thus require different cleaning equipment. Outside pools will be subject to more debris, leaves, and bugs, while inside pools without proper ventilation may struggle with mold and condensation. 
  • Shape & Size: Considering the design of your pool will help identify equipment that can properly reach every nook and cranny. A curvy corner or sharp edge will respond better to certain cleaning supplies. Additionally, the size of your pool design should influence your decision for the best cost and time saving solution.
  • Surface Material: Be sure to check the type of material your pool’s surfaces are made from including: tile, vinyl, plaster or concrete surfaces. Choosing the appropriate cleaning supplies will ensure your surfaces don’t get scratched and also effectively scrub each material. 
  • Frequency of Use: How often a pool is used by guests will help determine the type of wear and tear your commercial pool experiences and how often it needs to get a deep cleaning. Indoor pools are often open 24/7, while outdoor pools may close more frequently due to weather. 

Once you’ve taken into account the above elements for your commercial pool, you’ll be able to select the best cleaning supplies from our list below. 

Pool Cleaning Supplies Essentials: 

  • Telescoping Pole: This is as close as you’ll come to one multi-purpose tool for all your pool maintenance needs. Every pool requires a Telescoping pole to reach all angles of any pool from the surface. Depending on your pool’s location, design, and cleaning needs, you can purchase interchangeable heads to target specific stains, mold or grime. A telescoping pole will provide you with customizable reach and control.

Sunset Tip:  If you have an aluminum pole that needs replacing, try fiberglass for a safer and more durable option.

  • Skimmers & Rakes: Skimmer and rake ends for your pole are easy to use, inexpensive tools for everyday maintenance. Skimmers keep the surface of the water glistening at all times, providing an inviting atmosphere to jump in and enjoy. You may think a leaf rake is only for outdoor pools, but it’s ability to reach deep into the water is great for removing pool toys or other items that have fallen to the bottom of any pool. 

Sunset Tip:  Already have a rake or skim net that has lost its effectiveness? You may need to replace the butterfly clips or “V” clips to restore proper performance.

  • Automatic Vacuum Cleaner: Don’t forget about the base of the pool. You’ll want to clean the dirt and grime from the water that you may not see from the surface, but your guests definitely feel on the bottom of their feet. Robotic cleaners are certainly the easiest to use but may be more expensive. Suction side and pressure side pool cleaners are initially less expensive, but result in excess pool pump and filtration usage that may cause quicker wear and tear on your pool’s systems.
  • Manual Vacuum End: Tight corners and steep sides of your pool may be difficult for the automatic cleaner to reach. A manual vacuum head and hose will clean those hard to reach places for a deep clean. There is an endless array of ends for your telescoping pole to accommodate each pool’s unique corners and curvatures, with weighted options for maneuvering around the surface and sides. 

Sunset Tip:You’ll want to use wheels for concrete surfaces and brushes for vinyl lined pools to avoid scratches.

  • Scrubbing Brushes: To target algae and stains that a vacuum can’t scrub, you’ll want to purchase a specific scrubbing brush that matches your needs. Plaster or concrete surfaces can use stainless steel brushes, while vinyl pools will require plastic bristles. Pumice stones are also great to grind away impossible stains from concrete surfaces. Ideally the more often you scrub away localized scum and stains the easier they will be to break up and remove for that squeaky clean appeal. 

Maintaining a swimming pool is no easy task. However, selecting the right supplies for your specific pool’s needs will make the cleaning process more effective and efficient. Selecting the best pool cleaning supplies to bring back that new pool glisten should be well thought out based on the pool’s usage, location, and construction. If you have any questions on what choice is best for your pool design and surfaces, contact Chicago’s leading commercial pool consultants at Sunset Pools & Spas.

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