Commercial Pool Design Considerations

April 10, 2019 Written by: Nick Luisi

Commercial swimming pools are usually open to the public or members and guests at a private facility. Whether these commercial pools belong to health clubs, country clubs, hotels, resorts, condominiums, or community centers, they are larger than your average backyard pool. As a result, commercial pool design comes with a few special requirements.

Several factors in the design of commercial pools include:

  • The type of facility
  • Space available for a pool
  • Indoor or outdoor landscaping
  • Special features such as an attached spa tub or a swim-up bar

Commercial Facilities Affect Commercial Pool Design

Most health clubs and some country clubs want indoor swimming pools that can be used for lap swimming year-round. The available space should account for not only a 50-meter (164 feet) Olympic-sized pool but also the surrounding area and adjoining facilities such as locker rooms. Swim teams commonly use 25-meter pools for practice, so this option may present itself to facilities with less space and a smaller budget.

Other country clubs may desire a freeform pool for seasonal outdoor lounging in place of a lap pool. Hotels usually request a large pool (either indoors or outdoors) that is large enough to accommodate a specified percentage of guests. Hot tub spas and shallow children’s pools are also common.

More space may be available for outdoor pools but many health clubs and hotels can accommodate a 25-meter indoor pool design idea. Landscaping can have a tropical theme indoors as well as outside. Swim up bars, grottos, pools with mosaics and rock work are popular in hotels. Many of these pools have attached hot tubs. Some outdoor pools are the infinity style where one long side of the pool does not have a border. Additionally, wave pools and river pools are gaining popularity at health clubs and resorts.


Special state and federal safety regulations must be followed for all commercial pools since they accommodate many people. Commercial pools and spa tubs must have steps, railings, and ladders for access. Some commercial pools have diving boards and slides in compliance with local rules.

Commercial pools are set in the ground and usually made of concrete or gunite that will last for decades with proper maintenance. The filtration systems and pH acid-alkaline levels must be checked frequently. Chemicals must be added when needed.

Ready to start your commercial pool design project? Sunset Pools and Spas Commercial designs and installs pools for hotels, health clubs, resorts, and community centers in the Chicago area. Our company is approved by the Illinois Health Department for pool installation in public access facilities.

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